Friday, April 08, 2005


This means leaving one project and beeing on the bench for the next.

Yesterday was my roll-off in a project in Vienna. I wrote some scripts and small applications there in python, for the purpose of reporting. Usually at the end of a project you'll get a feedback. Then there are some good points and some bad ones.

Some of the good points for me where

Florian has excelent analysis skills and basically created the detailed designs independently. As he was later implementing the tools as well, it was not necessary to create detailed technical documents. Florian used an agile development approach. He is able to quickly understand complex requirements and shows areas for better designs.
Quite high praise. As you might guess, all I did was listening, hacking some python quickly and adapting and improoving it without hesitation. No magic at all.
But of course everything is measured in relation. The golden standard in this project in regards to data analysis has been cobol, excel, access, perl or java. An easy environment to be good with python :)

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