Wednesday, January 10, 2007

postgres mindset

Interesting, today I poked my head into #postgres on freenode, and told the guys that there is no bugtracker for pgadmin (because I had a bug). There was some civilized back and fro which amounted to:
  • stfu if you don't want to setup the bugtracker yourself.
  • apologize for suggesting a butracker or be kicked, you're insulting us.
A-hum. Yes, that was a productive conversation. I was kicked by David Fetter (

Funny, that really reminds me of one or the other episode on #zope, wonder why that is. Must be the postgres mindset then. I really like the "stfu or be kicked" mentality when you say something inconvinient. I just see David is a Perl programmer, well that would explain one or the other thing.

/me adds #postgres to the trollop list

Good Job David, rock on!

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