Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Holy Grail

The holy Grail, or so I guess. If you look at the list of developers, it's quite prominent.

Guido van Rossum
Barry Warsaw
Fred Drake
Jeremy Hylton
Roger Masse
Ken Manheimer
Ted Strollo

Grail, what a great and promising name. Quite some time seems to have been put into it. I admire the bold endeavour, and I would so wish it to be succesful. I tried running it on 2.4, and was pleased that much of it works with only minor and easy code changes.

However, the projects is for all practical intent dead and burried. Or perhaps just sleeping until it gets picked up by somebody else. It sure is an intriguing perspective to have an all python browser.

Perhaps such a thing today would get started differently. I think it is unlikely any of the original authors will pick it up ever again, prominent or not.

Dead projects have a sort of magical aura have they not? ;)

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