Monday, March 07, 2005

.Net, Grimes and VB.

There was a host of interesting posts today about the topic. Mr. Grimes is ranting about .Net and VB. Usually I enjoy M$ bashing, specially if it comes with some weight.
I read through it, and I also read the reaction and another reaction.

About the whole quarreling I have nothing to say really, save one thing. I'm sadened by the fact that people bang their heads over things so broken from the start I do not even consider them worth investigating further. So broken I would not advise anybody of concerning himself with them any more then to learn they're broken.

I am glad that Mr. Grimes could realize the brokness. Faithfully I believe he will not have to dwelve into a topic for years of his lifetime in the future, before realizing the a thing he's touching is broken beyond repair.

It's all about choices really.

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