Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Battlefield 2

This post is going to be about three things: Battlefield 2, my new hardware to play it and the python embedding they do.

Battlefield 2
This is simply an awesome game. A demo has just come out, and it is in many many aspects so much more and better then the previous battlefield. There are some issues I have, which would namely be the ingame browser and a bit of the loading slowness spread everywhere. But apart from that it's absolutely superb.

Battlefield 2 hardware
I was merrily happy before with a geforce 5900ultra on a nforce2 board. So this time I went for an nforce4 board. I was buying the geforce 6800ultra. At the time I decided cutting back for the processor is pointless, and bought a Clawhammer fx-55. Beeing trough that decision I thought it's silly to cut back at all, and bought the second 6800ultra for the SLI setup.
Bear with me, I know that for some things the SLI setup is a bit slower then the fastest ATI cards, but there's many considerations for me why I buy only geforces. I won't bore you however with them. I needn't be told either that the price/performance comparision for this setup is quite shitty.
Well, a friend of mine summarized it pretty good. "Dude you've just spend 400$ on a graphics card, and you've a surplus of fourty times that money, run for it or let it be!"
I'm still amazed about my own buying decisions not based on any practical considerations :D

Battlefield 2 and python
I was amazed to see that to some extend battlefield 2 uses python. I'm still figuring out the details, and digging my way trough the classes and interfaces. I have quite high hopes that this will make for some very interesting modding.

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