Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Yesterday the producer of Battlefield2 answered some questions in a chat. I particularly took notice of the following.

*Importfan85* how many different game types will there be?

[EA]ScottyRotten: Battlefield 2 is conquest only. We've been asked before why that is and the question is basically user interest. We measured the number of people playing the other game modes (Deathmatch, etc.) in BF1942 and the numbers were quite small. Therefore we decided on focusing on other parts of the game like the teamplay features.

Ok. So they looked at Battlefield 1942 and BFV, found that almost nobody played Deathmatch given a choice between Conquest and Deathmatch ( there really aren't more gamemodes ).

I can fairly understand that they scraped Deathmatch for this. But how they made the connection that Conquest would be the only thing gamers ever wanted to play is a miracle to me.

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